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Recruiter's Ally Provides Innovative Recruiting Software, Staffing Software, and On-boarding Software in an all-in-one System Available on the Web!

The Recruiter's Ally relationship management and applicant tracking system (ATS) platform provides all the resources you need to:

  • Manage applicant contacts in the "funnel"
  • Track contacts, profiles, notes, activity dates
  • Empower you to do your best
  • Stay ahead in a competitive world
  • Use the Web for staffing
  • Pull it all together for a team approach to recruiting
  • Keep the pipeline full
  • Utilize a single source for information
  • Know more, work smarter, achieve success!

Recruiting and On Boarding

RecruitersAlly is an applicant tracking software (ATS) software platform for managing recruiting, transition and employee life-cycle support to coordinate internal recruiting at small to mid-size firms. Firms seeking to blend internal and external, 3rd party teams will be interested in RecruitersAlly as well because of its integrated team management approach.

Internal and External Recruiting

"Branch managers across the nation can work as a team, putting recruit information into the data base and following the process of recruitment all the way through the entire career of the employee," said James Scherrer, CEO of Scherrer Resources, Inc. developers of RecruitersAlly. External recruiters working for a firm can be given access to some of the information on the system as well," he added. "We make implementation easy for small and large teams."

Our Hands on Team is Ready to Help

Recruiter's Ally helps manage recruiting, transition and on-going employee relationship management. Take advantage of our experience and give your recruiting and on-boarding process a wake up jolt.

Pricing Proposal

We provide you a specific site for a monthly fee. The fee is based on number of users, number of contacts in the database and other features you might like, including an attachments upload function. The fee is paid quarterly in advance by credit card. For a pricing proposal, send an e-mail to Sales@RecruitersAlly.com.

Recruiter's Ally and You!

Dear HR Professional,

Struggling to find the right recruiting technology to meet your needs?

Select RecruitersAlly.com, the HR technology designed exclusively for the recruiting practitioner. Learn how senior business development execs from different industries got the technology to work for them by selecting RecruitersAlly.com, the leader in the growing sector of online applicant tracking, on-boarding, and e-recruitment solutions.

RecruitersAlly is one of the leading providers of strategic talent management solutions which helps support each element of the recruitment, transition and retention process and uniquely positions your firm to fully exploit the rapidly growing e-recruitment and e-talent management methodology.

RecruitersAlly provides all the resources you need:

  • Power to navigate the recruiting and transition management world
  • Quick On-demand recruitment resources from anywhere, anytime
  • Pulling it all together leaving nothing to fall through the cracks
  • Empowers you to do your best
  • Provides powerful knowledge in a competitive world
  • Your single source for information for the entire team

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